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Heidi Taperson-Lelumees
3 min readSep 27, 2016

Update: designer found!

I’m looking for a talented product designer to join our awesome Toggl Team.

For the past few weeks we’ve been working on a big secret project. Because it’s a secret I can’t tell you what it is (yet), but we need help from a passionate designer to help us bring the project to life. We think it’s world-changing stuff.

You can’t create world-changing stuff by just moving pixels or swapping out background images. You’ll be working across desktop and mobile experiences, building eye-catching visuals and focusing on every little detail in the product functionality. That is why I’m looking for someone who can think outside the box and work with a team. I need a partner.

Don’t worry, our team is nice — and talented too. It’s great if you have experience with a prototyping tool, know basics of motion and typography— but being a team player is a must.

Toggl Team in Tallinn, Estonia

What is Toggl?

Toggl is a time tracking tool. We think time tracking should be simple, even fun — if you can believe that. 1.6 million users seem to agree. We have a team of 49 very special people working on making the product better every single day. We’re based in Tallinn, Estonia, but most of our team works remotely from their homes — because we believe great work shouldn’t be hindered by borders.

This is us in Tel Aviv last year. We love to get together. It’s the human touch, we crave it.

Design and experiences

We’re driven by the why and we want to make things we’d actually use. Design makes us crazy. In a good way. Really. We love good design. Yet, we’re lack of one passionate girl or guy who can help us to grow bigger and better. Someone who wants to join our team and takes us to the next level. Someone who doesn’t see design as just a job — someone who cares about what they do. Previously we’ve been working together with great design studios from Estonia Fraktal and Haiku, and with 3drops from Sweden. We love them.

We want to make things we’d actually use. Things like this:

Toggl Webapp redesign by 3drops

And this:

Toggl Webapp redesign by 3drops
Toggl public web by Fraktal

I know we’re asking a lot — we’re looking for a designer who solves problems, asks questions and thinks big. But in return we can offer you an amazing team to work together with. Great product and awesome projects. And we travel a lot, go to conferences, meet clients, visit other team members. And when you come to visit us in Estonia where we get together once in a while, we have our brand new office ready for you! If you still hesitate, our people can tell you why they like working at Toggl.

Toggl HQ in Tallinn by Kalle Veesaar

I know there’s people out there who don’t just want to follow orders. People who want to create their own path — and who own up to their choices whether good or bad. If you feel enthusiastic about working with us and know what it means to transform ideas into outstanding user-centric digital products, please send your portfolio to heidi@toggl.com.



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